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                       Life, Love and Leadership


As a qualified chartered accountant, my career spanned many wonderful years of experience internationally and in Australia.  My greatest fulfilment was in guiding and mentoring my teams.  In recent years, I found that the Corporate World had changed.  Profit became more important than people and this did not align with my values. I am of the firm belief that it is possible to balance both elements, and that it is vital to support individuals, as happy people have a ripple effect on society which in turn makes the world a better and kinder place for us all.


In 1996 I was very fortunate to attend my very first Anthony Robbins event with my husband and two children - UPW - Unleash the Power Within, and knew then that my true calling was helping and educating people to live happier and healthier lives. My husband and I have volunteer crewed this event for many years, and we had the amazing experience of completing Tony's Mastery University Programme. In addition, I increased my knowledge exponentially at Tony's Leadership at Date With Destiny, and crewed this event on two occasions.  These experiences have given me a priceless gift of really understanding people and their needs and motivations.


In 2006, I followed my first Reiki course with Joanne Antoun, a gifted teacher and healer. Being very "left-brained" and completely ignorant about Reiki at the time, it really opened my mind to the unseen power and energy that exists and is available to us all. With the encouragement, love and support of my Reiki Master, Joanne, I went on to complete the second level of Reiki the same year, and a few years ago became a Reiki Master. In October 2014 I also completed the intensive training in CTC, and am dedicated to using my knowledge and skills to enrich and empower the lives of others. I am also an avid student of all things health related, as well as the developments in Quantum Physics and Epigenetics, and love sharing my knowledge and experience.


I am blessed to have a wonderful family - husband and two grown children- who have also been my teachers along the way.  I am so grateful to have them, and the love of my extended family and friends in my life. They have all supported and encouraged me in the healing practice I am now honoured to practice and passionately pursue.




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