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I went to see Christella with an open mind though I had no expectations on how our session would go or what the outcome would be. Upon meeting her, I felt her amazing energy and care and I immediately felt comfortable knowing I was in good hands. I was recommended to see her as I was suffering with physical issues such as loss of sensation on the right side of my body and burning skin that was unbearable on the left side of the body. The CTC session was very in-depth and while I went primarily for physical symptoms, it helped heal a lot of emotional issues I was dealing with at the time. That night after the session however I noticed full sensation come back to my body which I hadn’t had since May 2017. I also noticed the burning skin had reduced from 20/10 pain and discomfort to 2/10. The next day I woke up feeling amazing and everyday since our session. Christella not only helped throughout my session but she also gave me the tools to continue afterwards. No words can describe how grateful I am for all that she did and highly recommend her whether your issues are physical or emotional! Thank you Christella x

Ivy B - Castle Hill


​For many years I had been carrying the burden of grief and guilt about a situation in my family life.  I had tried spiritual healing and meditation and though they have helped, the underlying issue had not still been healed and was just under the surface.  When I heard that Christella had completed the course of CTC Therapy, I asked her if she could help me.   She generously agreed and gave me her time and used her knowledge, skill and healing to help me finally lay my burden of grief and guilt down and to understand why I had been carrying it.  I am now at peace and feel well and whole and am able to look at my previous issues with a calm and understanding mind and heart.  I believe that Christella does have a unique gift for healing.

Christine H- Sydney



Christella's healing sessions are a gift.  Her nurturing demeanour and sincere compassion for others ensures that you receive so much more than a simple "healing".  You receive tenderness, understanding and an incredible sense of safety and wellbeing.

Kim Forrester - spiritual educator.















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